IT should just work and be almost unnoticed. It has been used commonly as a business tool for some 30 years, and there are no good excuses for unreliability, poor functionality, weak security, staff who have not been trained to use it effectively, or any of the range of reasons given when people get cross with technology.

We offer a simple system health check with remedial actions for:

  • The PCs and printers
  • Windows server systems
  • Networking components, Wi-Fi, VPN and internet connectivity
  • Backup, CCTV and Door Entry systems
  • Network security

We can also provide training for staff:

  • Basic or more advanced use of the business systems
  • How to recognise and handle malicious emails and files
  • How to maintain the IT systems and backups

Should you be looking to upgrade your systems, or perhaps to purchase and install a new system, we can help with the specification and purchasing, and offer project management services to get the system up and running and the staff trained.

If you’re interested, please get in touch via the contact form.