Some IT is intended only to provide a very mundane function, but mostly it is used in a business with the expectation of increased efficiency, higher productivity and a reduction in the type and number of routine tasks that must be performed. When used in this way the IT becomes part of an Information System, converting ‘data’ into ‘information’ which is provided and displayed in a convenient manner to help the business deliver increased value and profitability.

If you feel that you are awash in data but struggle to discern patterns, or to extract the key information from it that will help with decision making, we can help you manage it in a different way, provide routine summary reports and analysis, and display these in a way that will help you determine how the business is performing.

We have recently spent much time assisting organisations, often charities, to move data from old CRM systems into new, tidying and reorganising data as it is moved so that it can generate valuable and accurate information once in the new system. We have also written SQL Server Reporting System (SSRS) Reports for integration into the new systems to display exactly the information required by clients.

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